In a world like this 

As we know, the world is evolving everyday. Makers and inventors come up with just about anything they know that will make them loads of money not caring about the consequences it brings. For some, they try their best to make a difference and perhaps make this world a better place to live in. Ultimately I think we, the people in majority are responsible for the shit loads of environmental shit that’s going on today. 

Don’t even get me started about the heightened violence we bring and cause. 

Sure, most of us want to live normal happy lives. Filled with love, laughter, good health, and contentment. At least that’s what I want. But it’s difficult to live peacefully when you’re surrounded with constant chaos. When you watch the news there’s never anything good or uplifting that’s being reported. It’s either reporting the war between countries, the natural disasters that’s taking place in some parts of the world, celebrities getting in trouble, or politics. 

Social media is in our palms and there’s no sign of that going away anytime soon. This is good because we can be aware of our surroundings and bad becasue it consumes us. If you ask a teenager when’s the last time they did anything physical outside, you’d be surprised of how long it has been. 

In a world like this, surely there’s some good left. Something uplifting and encouraging. Something that we all can look forward to. It’s out there. We just gotta find it.  



I was reminded of this feeling when I saw a couple making out in their vehicle. I wasn’t hating on them. In fact, I genuinely wish them to have a happy, long lasting relationship. Sadness came knocking in this morning reminding me of the fact that 2015 is about to end and I’m still single. Alone. Lonely.

In my previews blogs I’ve mentioned how much I enjoy being single and my freedom to do whatever without explaining myself. But this morning changed things. The moment I saw her wrapped her arms around her man I thought to myself, I want that, too.

This morning reminded me of the time I felt like I’ve wasted wandering about all on my own instead of finding someone to share life with. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed the time I spent all alone because  it allowed me to truly find myself. Know myself. Love myself. But now it seems like I should have made more effort. Took more initiative. I wish I had the “fuck it” mindset. Live like there’s no tomorrow.

Goals for 2016

We all have this. Even way before December started, some of us jotted down our list of things we want to accomplish for the new year. Often times we fail to accomplish them or neglect them even. And that is why-whatever that goal is- it’s always going to be in the list until it is accomplished. 

I accomplished many simple things I thought I’d never do in life this year. Like being more social-meeting new people and stepping out of my shell, being more active-went hiking and taking trips to the gym as much as I can. Again, very simple. Simple to others but a leap for me. When you’re an introvert, simple things seems impossible to get done, but with the right people by your side you can literally accomplish anything!

My goals so far for the new year:

Learn to ride a bicycle, go camping, save more money, take more trips. 

I read an article that if you jot down your goals and place them where you can physically see and read them, you will be more motivated to accomplish them.

I urge you to write down your goals and hang them up some place and let’s accomplish it, together! 

Love & Age 

Love is something we all look for. It’s one of our top desires in life. To be in love and to be loved. We do everything we can to keep our relationships strong by making things work-no matter what!

Love comes in many forms. Whether you’re straight, gay, transgender, fat, skinny, young or old love knows no boundaries. It’s just is. It’s a feeling you have towards someone you desire. 

Today’s society, the word love is often taken for granted by saying it out loud without meaning it. It is also represented in many forms. Take a biracial couple for example. Back in the days, it’s not common for a Caucasian woman or man to be with an African American woman or man. Fortunately, there are so many biracial couples today and it is approved by society. People can love whomever they want to love. 

I’m discussing this topic because I saw something on television that ignited my curiosity which is the age gap between a couple. Although I’ve never been around couples with age gaps, it’s not weird or unusual. I just want to share what I saw and read. 

I first heard of Mary Kay Letourneau and Vili Fualaau on American Scandal with Barbara Walters. It was a very educational and informative segment that I couldn’t stay away from it. After watching the segment, I decided to do more research about their case and how it came to be. I was amazed! 

I’ve heard many times before about teacher-student relationships and have seen a few films depicting a similar story. For most, it’s taboo, but for Mary Kay and Vili it’s true love. 

For those who aren’t familiar with their story, I urge you to do some reading. That way I don’t have to type it up all on here. That shit’s exhausting!

Anyhow, the point I’m trying to make is that for them, it wasn’t a phase or a fetish. It’s true love specially when you factor in that after all these years and everything that Mary and Vili went through, they’re still together, happy with their teenage daughters. 

Love knows no boundaries specially when you’re willing to do whatever it takes to be together. 


An end to another beginning…

 What a year this has been! This year has filled me with joy & laughter, but also associated with sadness & troubles. But that’s life, isn’t it? It’s full of ups and downs. No matter where you are in the world you can’t avoid problems. From family to financial, or health. It’s there. Lurking. Waiting to turn your life upside down. 

But we must look at the bright side. We must dwell on the positive things and look forward to keeping it that way. 

Someone once said to me:

You create your own happiness. 

Don’t just sit on your ass and think about the fuck ups and the things you regret. Regret by the way is one of the many Debbie Downers in life! 

So before this year ends, list the positive events or goals that you have accomplished in your life and try to upgrade them in the next. 

My only goal so far for 2016 is to learn how to ride a bicycle.

(No judgement, please. I had a very different childhood).


Sometimes you gotta say and have the mindset of “fuck everyone else’s feelings” in order to move up in life. Not being an asshole on purpose or being a dick because that’s just rude!  

I’m more talking about business wise. You have to worry about moving yourself up and be successful instead of worrying about what others are doing. Success cannot be reached easily and it needs to be associated with hard, hard work. 

With success in mind, all you need to do is work hard for it even if it means you have to step on someone’s toes (metaphorically speaking). 

Wherever part of the world you are, you meet people from different walks of life. You become friends with them. And soon later you will realize that they’re your competition. 

There’s always someone out there hiring people even if it doesn’t feel like it because of the endless applications you already filled up.

Think about it. Are you friends with your boss? Far too often I hear friends and love ones talk shit about their bosses. How much of an ass they are. But in their perspective, they have a business to run. They don’t give a damn about your feelings. They care about their business growing and making sure they are paying the right people who actually do work. 

To step your game up, you have to be aggressive. You have to grab the opportunity other wise you’ll be stuck in the same job for 30 + years. 

Out with Friends

What better way to do things on a beautiful day with family or friends!

In my case, friends it is. It’s fun to be out with a group of people you trust and feel comfortable with doing what you enjoy. Unless they annoy the shit out of you then that’s a completely different story. 

Being out with friends is great, but I also don’t mind doing things on my own. I like peaceful, quiet walks to the park-enjoying the sun with a cup of coffee or tea in hand. I also don’t mind watching a movie in the theatres or eating at a restaurant-yes, alone. All by my damn self. 

People now a days find it weird or think just because one is alone, doesn’t mean one is lonely. There’s a difference. A lot people also think too much of what others might perceive of them and must keep an appearance making sure they are seen happy with people they love. There’s nothing wrong with that. I have nothing against that at all. 

My point is that there’s nothing wrong with being alone either. I actually prefer being out alone. I don’t have to wait for someone or contemplate whether we should go here or there. I don’t have to deal with drama or gossip. 

Those introvert people out there like me, go do YOU.