Have fun!

Have you taken a look outside? Each day is a beautiful day and I’ve taken it for granted by staying in doors because “it’s cold”. Oh yes! It’s cold, alright and its here to stay for at least 4-5 months. Might as well go with the flow and do something fun. 

Fun could be anything! You don’t have to necessarily have money to have fun although it helps a lot. 

Today’s blog is a little personal. For the last few days I’ve been cooped up in the office, eating junk food, and day dreaming of the things I want to do. I’ve decided to get off my ass and walk around the neighborhood. 

Beautiful drive around North Capitol. 

Appreciating my sun roof even more with this view. 

I felt refreshed when I returned to my desk. As if a new me walked in with a new attitude. New perspective. New purpose. 

No other day but today

Today was a beautiful morning! Jogged my way around the national monument. 

I then made my way to the national museum. This time I read the information of each displayed figures. Even though I’ve been to the museum many, many times today’s visit was the only visit that I’ve actually learned something. 

Today was so random yet special. I didn’t want to let another day go by without enjoying It. I’m not usually one to go out on weekends. I enjoy staying in, complete house chores, errands if needed, and naps. Long hours of naps. But today I ventured out. 


I was so excited for what the day could bring me. Doing something completely different from your usual routine is an awesome feeling. Others would probably feel uneasy and scared, but me? I was stoked! I didn’t want to go home but it was getting dark and I got super hungry.  


Life is only as exciting as you make it

Life is too beautiful for you to just waste it. By thinking too much, worrying, wasting it on negative close minded people, and worse of all, living it without fulfillment.

 To be content. To be at peace. To be happy.

The only thing I literally give a shit about these days is being happy. Being able to do what I want to do without guilt and resentment. There’s nothing worse than living life according to someone else’s will. 

In Love

I am so in love…with this weather. 

I don’t want Fall to be over. 

The breeze is a match made in heaven each time I breathe it all in. 

There’s no other season that can overwhelm my heart. 

There’s no other time & place like it when it’s Fall. 

Fall, you are beautiful. 

You bring colors everywhere. 

You make the simplest tree look beautiful and vibrant. 

I’ve fallen in love with you and I want you to stay. 


In this short life, we can’t help ourselves but be drawn into the many aspects of stress-whether its from work, family, our health, financial or just stress within ourselves. May I say that self doubt is the number one stress elevator!
This past week has been very difficult. Transitioning from work to school and also dealing with life itself and the people around me. I am aware that there are people out there who are going through a lot more hell than I am, but I’m only human and I simply can’t take everything all at once. 
“Everything is important and I must give time to each” I always say to myself. Not realizing that I’m important also. That I matter and I didn’t realize the importance of taking a break from everything and just be one with nature. 
So I went hiking at Old Rag Mountains in Virginia with friends and it was one of the best moments of my week thus far. We started our trek up the hill and made our way towards the gigantic rocks. I have never been so sore my entire life! It was a physical challenge in a really good way. Your determination to climb through the rocks pays off when you see the amazing view at the top. 
Spending time up there allowed me to re-evaluate what’s important in my life and what isn’t. I was able to think clearly and did a lot of decision making. 
We packed lunch and just sat there with the ever changing colors of the trees. We talked about life, future plans, and our next hiking trip. 
I encourage everyone to take the time off from everything that’s going on in your life and take a nature walk. Even if it’s just around the corner or at the park. Take the time off so you can think clearly and give yourself a break. It truly helps especially when you’re going through a tough day. 

GoRuck Challenge 

What a day to remember!

My friends and I participated in one of the most intense workout we’ve ever done in our lives. It rained, we had mud all over, we were sweaty, and we were tired. But surprisingly inspired with the support of the people in our team and for the lives lost on 9/11. The sacrifices they made allowed us to live our lives accordingly. They however, will never set foot on this earth again. They will never live. 

The challenges were difficult. I don’t do hardcore workout. Shit. I don’t workout at all! Which I totally regret because the challenges kicked my ass. Bare crawls, riding on someone’s back while on their hands and knees, sixty push ups, planks, squats, carrying someone from point A to point B, lunges, and many more acrobatic shit I didn’t know existed. I have never been so sore my entire life!



 (Trying hard to flex)

Over all, it was a triumphant day! I met a lot of people and realized how little I show appreciation for the soldiers in this country. So for you all serving this country, thank you!