Social media..

With all the crazy things going on around the world today, its important to be aware or be “hip” not only in our surroundings, but also in other countries. That’s where social media comes in handy and in my opinion, the only good thing about it. Sure, social media sometimes may fabricate a story or two, but it gets the job done which is to deliver the message to the people. One of the many problems we encounter is that we believe what we’ve read almost immediately. I mean, why not? It’s there. It is published by a professional journalist, so it must be accurate and true. Right? For some (mainly the music loving, television watching, media blogging, young generation), love social media so much that their face is practically glued to their devices even at the dinner table or at a family get-together. Then you have a few (the kind hearted old soul of this generations’ past), who enjoys a peaceful dinner and appreciate the existence of a newspaper. A few who doesn’t seek their way to find out what Apple has created for a new cellphone or gives a rats ass about what the hell has happened to Kim Kardashian or Miley Cyrus.
It’s actually rare to know someone who isn’t on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. And I’d like to be the first in my family to not have any of those social media accounts. I’ve always thought that there’s more to life than just sitting around the house or at a café with my face glued to my phone and not interacting with anyone. Its a sad way of living yet here I am blogging. I guess my goal is to not have a Facebook account where everyone knows everyone else’s business. Twitter and Instagram are the same.


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