Rock n Roll

How many friends do you have who sincerely listens to rock or alternative music? Most of my friends listens to hip hop and R&B among other genre of music. Rock n roll doesn’t even make the list. Mainly because when someone mentions rock n roll, all one thinks about is the loud, screaming voice of the lead singer banging his head in the air, letting his hair move about to the rhythm of the music. Since when was this wrong? I for one grew up in the 90’s and rock/alternative music was all my parents listened to among other slow, meaningful songs back in the day. It saddens me that my 5 year old nephew isn’t interested in the music I listen to. Okay, of course he’s not going to like it-he’s five! But what I’m trying to do is expose him to alternative music other than the rap music he’s been introduced to (thanks to his friends at school). Not all rock n roll songs are loud and screams. There’s definitely some love songs into it with meaningful messages. I understand and can appreciate that every generation is different, but there’s definitely nothing wrong with staying the same…or at least some things anyways.


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